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Minhaj Abdullah

Animation VFX  Trainer 

Awarded | Filmmaker & Scriptwriter

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Work Experience 

Before joining UPES, Dr. Minhaj Abdullah held various leadership roles and consistently delivered high-quality results, by managing multiple production teams, collaborating with client collaboration, and executing of motion graphics, 3D NFTs, and Architectural design projects for clients in USA & Germany. At Jagran Lake City University, he served as a Program Leader and Assistant Professor managing degrees in Films, animation, and design. Ensuring the effective delivery of modules by coordinating with industry and visiting faculties. He also excelled as the H.O.D of Film and Animation at Virtual Voyage College of Media and Entertainment, and before that Sr. faculty at I-Nurture Education Pvt Ltd, throughout this career timeline, he demonstrated a strong commitment to academic excellence, industry trends, and client satisfaction.


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Online course developed by Dr. Minhaj Abdullah

3D modeling and sculpting in Autodesk Mudbox at

lighting essentials in Autodesk Maya at


Motion graphics Basics at


Digital Painting in photoshop at

3D modeling and Animation in Blender 3D at

Graphic design in Corel Draw basics at

Complete Graphic design in Corel Draw at

The Complete Motion Graphic Course In Hindi at

Complete 2D Animation Course in Hindi - One Go at


Research Interests 

With a strong research background and a passion for education, Dr. Minhaj Abdullah has made significant contributions to the field of 3D animation and technology. He has published papers in reputable journals and presented various research at international and national conferences. Additionally, he has also been involved as a co-writer for an NCERT book and received recognition for writing and judging in various competitions. 

Teaching Philosophy 

Dr. Minhaj promotes a student-centered approach to education. Each student has unique strengths, interests, and learning styles. By tailoring his teaching methods to accommodate individual needs, he ensures that every student receives personalized attention. This approach empowers students to explore their potential and pursue their specific areas of interest within the broader field. Dr. Minhaj also emphasizes the significance of collaboration and teamwork. He believes that successful projects are the result of effective collaboration. Through group work and team projects, students learn to appreciate different prospects, enhance their communication skills, and work together towards a common goal.


Courses Taught 

By leveraging his diverse skill set and industry experience, Dr. Minhaj Abdullah can provide comprehensive and practical education to students in the fields of animation, filmmaking, visual effects, motion graphics, and related technologies. Throughout his academic journey, Dr. Abdullah taught 2D Illustration and Animation, 3D Animation & Dynamics, Motion Graphics: for Media, Game Design, AR VR concepts, and Visual Effects techniques for Films, as a professional Digital filmmaker Dr. Abdullah has enlightened students with the art and technical aspects of digital filmmaking, including scriptwriting, directing, post-production, and Film business.

Digital Filmmaking: As an experienced filmmaker, Dr. Abdullah can teach students the art and technical aspects of digital filmmaking, including scriptwriting, directing, and post-production.

Recognizing the importance of nurturing startups and fostering entrepreneurship, Mr. Abdullah has conducted numerous webinars, totalling 100 in number, aimed at helping startups grow. These sessions have provided invaluable guidance and support to budding entrepreneurs, imparting knowledge, and insights essential for success.

Dr. Abdullah's creative talents extend beyond animation as he is also a professional scriptwriter. His proficiency in storytelling and script development has enriched numerous projects across various mediums. His expertise in direction is evident through his involvement in the production of 500 short films, documentaries, corporate films, and web series. This breadth of experience highlights his versatility and creative prowess.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Dr. Minhaj Abdullah has made a lasting impact on the animation industry and education sector. His role as an Assistant Professor, his numerous awards, and his dedication to teaching and mentoring have solidified his status as a respected and influential figure. Through his work, he continues to shape the industry and inspire future generations of creative minds.

Awards and Grants 

Dr. Minhaj Abdullah, a highly accomplished professional, has received numerous prestigious awards and recognitions in the field of animation and education. He was honored with the esteemed Golden Pixels Award for his exceptional contributions to animation teaching. Dr. Abdullah's dedication to film animation design has earned him the recognition at Rajasthan Film Festival, and Cinefone international film festival, his various projects have got official selections in the Mumbai International film festival, the Cinibees film, The Manthan Award, Gateway 13 national media award, etc. He has served as an esteemed jury member at renowned film competitions and photography/filmmaking events, showcasing his expertise in the industry. 


Scholarly Activities 

Dr. Minhaj Abdullah's excellent leadership and management experience make him well-suited to consult Startups and provide continuous guidance online and offline in team building, project management, and effective organizational skills. With his effective communication, creative visualization, and presentation skills, Dr Abdullah has written 200 fictional stories and dramas for Short films Feature films, web series, documentaries and commercial ads Dr. Abdullah's experience in institution building equips him to share insights and strategies for establishing and managing educational institutions focused on design and animation.

I can provide Video Lecture & training for creative  courses 

  • Video editing (Beginner - Expert)

  • 3DVisualization (Interior and Architecture) (Beginner - Expert)

  • 3d Modeling & Animation (Beginner - Expert)

  • Autodesk Maya (Beginner - Expert)

  • Adobe After Effects (Beginner - Expert)

  • Visual Effects (Beginner - Expert)

  • Video Production (Beginner - Expert)

  • Computer Graphics & Multimedia (Beginner - Expert)

  • Adobe Animate CC (Beginner - Expert)

  • Character Illustration (Beginner - Expert)

  • Autodesk 3ds Max (Beginner - Expert)

  • Logo design (Beginner - Expert)

  • Vector Art and Design  (Beginner - Expert)

  • Graphic Design (Beginner - Expert)

  • 3D Modeling to 3D Rendering (Beginner - Expert)

  • Digital Painting (Beginner - Expert)

  • Motion Graphics (Beginner - Expert)

  • Television Graphics (Beginner - Expert)

  • 2D  animation (Beginner - Expert)

Video Lecture on Digital Painitng in HINDI

Video Lecture on After effects  in ENGLISH

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